Going to convention is so much more than meeting other distributors or the classes we get to take, it is getting to connect with the company that we represent and the amazing people behind it!
- Nicki B.

There are countless reasons to attend MojiLife’s annual conventions!

Most leaders in this industry would say that their business would not be what it is today without those priceless convention experiences.

Like most companies, we offer breakout training classes where industry leaders cover topics relevant to your business. Typically we break into smaller groups so there is room for questions and open discussions. By participating in breakout sessions, it encourages engagement and memory retention. Breakouts offer a unique and dynamic exchange of knowledge, and create a positive space to share ideas.

Some of the most exciting elements of convention are launches of new products and new information! So far, at every MojiLife convention we have introduced a new and innovative product to our lineup. In 2019, we gave our entire website a facelift. You truly never know what to expect. The best part is, you are among the very few people who get the first look at these exciting announcements.

You may have heard the expression "if you want to GO up, you have to SHOW up." It's absolutely true!
- Kevin Moore

Not only will you be the first to hear about new products, but you will be the first to shop these new products before they launch! Our exclusive MojiLife Convention Store will be open for business throughout the entire event.

Following most launches, the new product will be available to purchase in the Convention Store immediately! We always have limited edition MojiMerch available as well. This is something that can only be attained by attending the convention.

There is nothing better than being showered with gifts! We can assure you that you will never leave a convention empty handed. You will always receive a swag bag filled with branded merch upon registration and you can expect all sorts of door prizes, gifts left on your chairs, surprise gifts during general sessions, and much more throughout the event!

Convention is all about team building and strengthening your relationships with your teammates.

It is also a great time to connect with others in the business. There is no better place to find like minded people who you can relate to.

"Convention sparks excitement and enthusiasm. It creates the energy to pursue your dreams, and helps you to envision a life you will love, all while having fun!" -Lisa N.