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AirMoji is the next step in fragrance infusion. MojiLife has created a revolutionary way of infusing your home or office with fragrances and essential oils. The patent pending diffusing process allows air flow on all sides of the natural wood fiber core. We offer the latest in innovative technology and design, providing custom fragrances with subtle sophistication. Our leading-edge technology disperses the fragrance of your choice throughout your home. With dozens of fragrance choices and an essential oil line, we know you’ll find the perfect fragrance for your home or office. Our rechargeable AirMoji has a battery that lasts more than 70 hours. Place the device anywhere in your home and control it using the MojiLife app on your smart phone. Simple and easy to use, once the AirMoji has been programmed, you can relax while it refreshes and invigorates your home.


The effects of fragrance are powerful because they are tied to the limbic center in our brain – which is our emotional center. Numerous studies confirm that fragrances enhance well-being and have a positive impact on the psyche. Our fragrances are created by our world class perfumers who understand the natural fragrances that people desire. They start each unique fragrance by gathering oils from flowers, fruit, spices, wood, resins, and balsams. All of the materials used in MojiLife fragrances are held to the highest standards of quality, consistency, and sustainability. Through rigorous scientific testing, we ensure that Moji fragrances are pleasing, pervasive, and enduring. Master Perfumers approve each MojiLife fragrance. Let us tantalize your senses by making your home a desirable gathering place for all to enjoy.

Essential Oils

Why essential oils? Aromatherapy with essential oils has been used since ancient times. Essential oils are small organic molecules that can change quickly from a solid or liquid state to a gas at room temperature. This allows them to move quickly through the air and interact with the olfactory sensors in your nose – making them ideal for aromatherapy. Essential oils are extracted directly from the flowers, fruit, leaves, seeds, roots, or bark of plants and trees. By concentrating the oils, you are separating the most potent healing compounds into a single oil. Because they are highly concentrated, a small amount can have powerful results. MojiLife uses 100% pure, undiluted essential oils. The essential oils are infused into our core for effortless aromatherapy use. Essential oils have been used for centuries to help relax, uplift, invigorate, and purify. With MojiLife Essential Oils, you can continue this long-held tradition in your home or office.


Innovative and original, behold the power of the pod. MojiLife’s delivery system is simplicity evolved. MojiPods are powered by wood fiber cores that are saturated with custom fragrances designed for you and imported from Europe. Both our fragrance pods and essential oil pods allow you to place the fragrance of your choice inside your AirMoji without ever touching the high-quality oils. You can easily switch fragrances with no mess!


Meet the MojiMini. Not the smart device equipped with a safe fan, battery, and programmable with an app, but boy is it cute! Available in an assortment of fantastic colors, Plum, Coral, Gray, Red, and Blue, the MojiMini is a pod holder that utilizes natural airflow. It is terrific for small spaces such as a closet, your office cubicle, or clipped to the sun visor of your vehicle. The best part is that you use the same MojiPod so your favorite fragrances are seamlessly interchangeable.

Home Decor

Our MojiLife home décor line is designed to infuse your home with beauty, and style. Enhance your sensory experience with beautifully hand-crafted home décor pieces to accent your AirMoji. Each home décor piece is custom designed so the AirMoji sits nicely inside. Once your device is charged, place it inside a home décor piece anywhere in the room and control it with your smart phone. Choose an elegant sea glass reminiscent of your coastal trip, or a whimsical bird cage that brings back garden memories. Whether you’re looking for hand-crafted wood, custom finished glass, or beautifully cut metal – we’ve got the look for you.


MojiClean combines the best of nature and science to create safe, effective ways to clean and deodorize your entire home. MojiClean products use the power of natural essential oils to create non-toxic products that clean deeply and freshen naturally. Breathe easy knowing your cleaning products are utilizing the power of essential oils and natural vegetable extracts to safely clean your home. Our gentle, plant-based cleaners are safe enough to use around your family. Make your home sparkle and shine without the harsh chemical smell of other cleaners. Keep your home beautiful – naturally and easily – with MojiClean.