get big rewards by hosting a MojiSocial

It is second nature to share the products you really enjoy. Sharing your love of MojiLife products is not only fun, but can also be very rewarding. Introduce your friends to what is sure to be their favorite products by hosting a MojiSocial, and get some fantastic rewards for yourself. Remember, sharing is caring. Earn host rewards and make a difference in people's lives.
Start Your Social

We put the social in sharing!

Have fun with current friends and make some new friends along the way
"Selling isn't sharing, but once you start sharing the AirMoji…it will sell! You can’t beat the host rewards at MojiLife!"
- Kelly Desjardine – Life Champion.

earn a free gift, one 50% off item, and 20% mojicash on all qualifying mojisocials.

Get maximum rewards with the minimum!

Earn 20% MojiCash (product credit) for the minimum qualifying MojiSocial of 200 PRV

Pick your Moji Social preference and reap the rewards!

• Host a MojiSocial on Social Media. It is as simple as sharing a link!
• More time with friends and family? Yes, please. Turn your social scene into a MojiSocial.

Enjoy every moment with one of the leading host rewards programs in the industry!

There is a MojiSocial method just for you. Sharing has never been so easy!

  • Decide whether to host online, in person, or you can combine both!
  • Your MojiSocial can be held at home or at any typical social setting.
  • Invites are easy! Your MojiLife Distributor will help you set a date and assist in sending e-vites or traditional invitations.
  • MojiSocial at home? Consider serving light refreshments – it IS a party, have fun!
  • Choose 3, 5, or 7 days for your MojiSocial to stay opened and share away!
  • Open House- Block out a few hours, setup a MojiSocial, and invite others to come at their convenience.
  • Moji On The Go- Always on the go? Don’t let that stop you from hosting a MojiSocial. Ask your MojiLife Distributor about getting a bag or tote including the entire MojiLife experience. All the things needed are included such as catalogs, order forms, and a fragrance sample kit. Keep it for a week and you can still qualify for all the generous rewards.