$111.80 $108.95

M3 - Black w/ 3 Black MojiMini's

The MojiLife M3 is the newest addition to the AirMoji lineup. Our line of AirMoji devices is the ultimate for delivering fragrance on demand. This incredible new hybrid device is smart, simple, and safe. With the M3, imagination meets innovation by allowing you to create your own unique fragrance combinations. In addition to this great feature, the M3 device also eliminates Anosmia or “nose-blindness” with its ability to provide a wide range of fragrance at any given time. You can even customize your color pattern with the LED light. This revolutionary device with its “power of 3” and additional settings allows for more versatility than ever before.

*Includes 3 Black MojiMini's

Type: M3 - Black w/ 3 Black MojiMini's